Cemetery Transcription Publication

The Charles County Maryland Genealogical Society is proud to announce the publication of our Charles County cemetery transcription project.  This book is a two volume set containing the names of persons buried in Charles County.  We have located and recorded information from 168 cemeteries throughout our county.  Also in some cases, we have reviewed Church records as well as records located in The Southern Maryland Studies Center and entered this information for that person.  Each alphabetical entry shows the birth and death dates, a transcription from the headstone when possible and a code as to the location of the burial.  Pictures of many headstones may be obtained by contacting the Charles County Maryland Genealogical Society at P.O. Box 1537, White Plains, MD 20695, or from our website at www.ccmdgs.org. Any donation to help defray the cost of these pictures is always appreciated.  Volume 1 contains 420 pages and Volume 2 has 418 pages.  By looking up a surname, one can determine whether a family member is buried in any of these 168 cemeteries in Charles County within a few seconds.  As a result of our work, we have 19,309 entries in our two volume set.

To see a list of cemeteries included in this publication click here.

To see an example of the data included click here.

Although the publication has sold out, the Society has placed copies of the book in the Southern Maryland Studies Center at the LaPlata campus of the College of Southern Maryland, the local libraries in Charles County and at the Family History Center in White Plains, Md. In addition, the Southern Maryland Studies Center and the Family History Center also have copies of the pictures of the headstones that were taken in the cemeteries. It is suggested that you bring a flash drive to download any pictures.

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